MAY 2 | Concert in Norman

We’re gonna get out of the recording room for a brief bit and play a show in Norman (Nor · man).
Bring your friends & enemies!

Mmmmmmm.... Norman.

MAY 2 2014 | 8:00
Second Wind Coffee House – Norman, OK (map)
$5 cover | Z&L + TBA


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April Recording Update

Hey Connection People,

Unless you’ve been following me on { INSTAGRAM | FACEBOOK | TWITTER } you might not know that Lane and I are still rocking hard, trying to finish the recording for this next album by the end of May. It feels like a doable, albeit arbitrary, deadline (I mean, hey, it’s gotta get done some time).

violin tracking with Amber Mattfield

We have a list of 13-16 songs with a good handful of b-sides. So far we’ve laid down guitars of various sorts, knives, basses, bgvs, mandos, violins galore, pianos untold, and percushies. Ahead, we have cellos, more elec guits, more percushies, and vocals vocals vocals…. Then it’s off to post-production.

Perhaps the last thing to add is that we’ve got something fun in store for next week. ;)

Talk to you soon,

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Shows in March

March = playing and recording

MARCH 7 2014 | 7:00 pm
The Credo Coffee House – Edmond, OK (directions)
$5 suggested cover | Z&L+Strings (Jeremy Sheets & Amber Mattfield)
(event on facebook)

MARCH 22 2014 | TBA
Rwanda Coffee Benefit w/ Mariposa Coffee Roastery - Main Site Art Gallery - Norman, OK
tba | Z&L + Dare We Say Pioneers, etc.

MARCH 28 2014 | TBA
Congo Adoption Benefit – OKC, OK
tba | Z&L

We’ll post all information here as things are finalized.  Also hoping to put in some recording time with Jeremy & Amber soon.  It’ll be lovely….

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2013: Year in Review

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year!!!

Tonight, my wife and I are gonna take it easy, share a bottle of wine (we won’t finish it—we’re lightweights) and talk about things we’re thankful for from this last year and talk about the future….

We’ve been really thankful for all of the opportunities we’ve had to share with so many people in 2013. Thank you all for supporting us in making music!

Here’re a few highlights from 2013:

∆ All the great people we’ve gotten to share musical time with, sharing an evening of music or collaborating with them: Aaron Strumpel, Adam Love, Adam Stackable, Alex Gazley, Alex Reisner, Alex Winters, Alyssa Joy Smith, Amber Mattfield, Brian Cunningham, Brian Payne, Camden Weathers, Cameron Schenk, Christopher Bryan, Emma Gazley, Evan French, Grant Nordean, Jacob Rudd, Jeremy Sheets, John Fitch, Jonathan & Melissa Helser, Justin LeBeau, Kaylie Weathers, Kelly Arndt, Laura Hackett, Liz Ulrich, Loud Harp, Megan Walsh, Ryan Fleming, Trey Davidson, and Two Legged Animals.

∆ Getting the chance to play in people’s homes & communities all around the world: Syrian refugee tents in Zahle, Lebanon /// The Hensler’s home in Tehachapi, California /// St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minnesota /// Ventura Community Church in Ventura California /// EcoVillage in Dmit Valley in Lebanon /// SXSW in Austin, Texas /// Norman Music Festival /// Resound Conference in Boulder, Colorado /// and many homes…. I’m so grateful and honored to have gotten to share my music with all of you!

∆ Starting to use Instagram & Twitter…. Yep, I used to make fun of people for them (in my mind, not out loud ;)…. But it’s kinda fun sometimes to chronicle the simple things, musical things, and hilarious kids….

∆ Musical breakthrough with my wife. We’re not Sonny & Cher, John & Yoko, Jay-Z & Beyonce, Tim McGraw & Faith Hill, or Johnny & June Cash, but we’re starting to be more of the Zach & Lane Winters that we want to be….

∆ Having my music featured in films! We had a couple songs placed in films put together by Reel Rock 8 and Outdoor Research. I also go the opportunity to do a couple commissioned pieces—one for the University of Oklahoma and another for Mission Generation. I hope to get to do more in the future! And I always love getting to be a part of people’s wedding videos…. :)

∆ Learning a little about Cymatics…. Fascinante.

∆ Lastly, I’m thankful for finally getting a start on this upcoming album. It took a while to figure out where, exactly, we were going to record, but we finally realized we could just build a fort and do it at home. The writing has been finished for a while. We’re about half way there on the recording and looking forward to putting in more time and getting some awesome people in on this next album. It’s a task of patience and love, and we’re looking forward to getting to share these songs in a more fleshed-out form than we’ve been able to here and there in live shows.

Looking forward to 2014! Blessings to you, dear reader, in this coming year!

Zach & Lane
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Only 30 left…

970 copies are out there in the world… Maybe one is in your car…. But if not, we’ve only got 30 left with no immediate plans/budget for a re-run — get one here:

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Song Featured in Reel Rock 2013

Big Up & Sender Films collaborate every year for Reel Rock as the storytellers of rock-climbing. From Reel Rock: “Featuring Yuji Harayama, Daniel Woods, Hazel Findlay, Emily Harrington, Ueli Steck, Simone Moro, Melissa Arnot, Adam Ondra, and Chris Sharma. Action, humor, controversy, and inspiration in some of the most breathtaking places on Earth, including the mysterious spires of Borneo, the towering faces of Morocco, and the thin air of Mt. Everest.”

This year’s film features my song “These are the Dreams” during the short film “Spice Girl”. It comes in after Hazel Findlay & Emily Harrington crest the top of Taghia Gorge in Morocco….

Check it out here: Reel Rock 8.
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See you at Resound!

Lane and I are super-excited to get to be a part of the Resound Conference this year. Looking forward to a weekend with each other and with a room full of people who are in love…. And honored to be invited to the same conference that has had John Mark McMillan, United Pursuit, Kim Walker, Gungor, Kye Kye, Jeremy Riddle, Ascend the Hill & Josh Garrels, among many others…. Some great folks…. Excited like a can of soda all shook up…. Z

Check out some of the other sweethearts who are going to be making music/resounding:

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November 21-23 | Resound Conference

Resound Promo 2013 from Resound on Vimeo.

We’re honored to join all the folks who’ll convene in Boulder for the Resound Conference this year. It’s less than a month away—join us if you can (November 21-23). Resound is about letting and the heart of God resonate in our lives through worship and through the arts, through creating and making, and abiding in his love….

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Rehearsal Shot

Got some last-minute run-throughs in before the show. Thanks to everybody for coming out last night! Looking forward to next time.

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Snapshot {Resound Bio}

Here’s a mini-bio I put together with the amazing Will Stackable from Scissortail Media. A little snapshot into our lives…. Chief element of rewatchability? Leif & Ramona. ;)


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Commissioned Work for University

University of Oklahoma: Facilities from Scissortail Media Will Stackable on Vimeo.

This is a video project I got to be involved in with Scissortail Media. When Will Stackable at Scissortail sent me the initial voice over work, the project was nearly 9 minutes long. The university was interested in the possibility of commissioning the music (since there aren’t loads of 9 minute songs that would fit the project). So one weekend, I sat down with the piano, but ended up turning to an electric and building some beats to get a feel that I thought might work…. Fortunately, the university thought it worked.

Looking forward to doing more commissioned music—in the meantime, happy to be back to working on the next album….

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October 25 | Norman

OCTOBER 25 2013 | 8:00
Second Wind Coffee House — Norman, OK (map)
$5 | Z+friends, Alyssa Joy Smith & Kelly Arndt
the event on facebook

Come join us for the evening. And with the relative proximity to a certain holiday, Dante is likely to surface….


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