Sometimes I Wonder [Single]

I’m honored to finally get to share something from the new album!

“Sometimes I Wonder” is a dear song on this album. It can be tempting to feel we’ve experienced something by hearing or reading about it. And it can be tempting to think we haven’t experienced something just because we don’t feel anything.

But both miss the mark.

From the first line, I could feel the yearning in the melody and chords. When I pray, I don’t always feel like I’m wrapped up in a magical aura of love. Sometimes I feel alone on a meaningless planet. And sometimes I turn to other voices to make myself feel better — books, music, wise friends, something to laugh about. But my soul craves God, craves the greatness of created existence, and nothing but that connection can meet my hunger.

Musically, I’m joined on this song by two amazing percussionists, Caleb Friesen and Wilhelm Koenig.

If you enjoy it, please share it. And look out for the iTunes pre-order starting on Saturday.


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