Paste Magazine calls Zach Winters’ songs “perfect for a hushed afternoon in the season that bears his name.” In the last couple years, Winters has been on tour throughout the US, musically migrating with his family and playing shows with Josh Garrels, JOHNNYSWIM, Will Reagan, A Boy & His Kite, Aaron Strumpel, & others. He also traveled to the Southern Hemisphere to join NZ Holly Arrowsmith for shows throughout Australia & New Zealand. He has had the honor to sing for Syrian refugees, laboring mothers, orphans in Mexico, and his friends, neighbors and family. He & his family reside on the Great Plains.

His new album, To Have You Around, was released on June 30th, 2017.


Monarch is far-sickness and restlessness, a meditation on the precious-as-gold time we have, our children, the mixing & mingling of our hopes with our struggles, fatherlessness and the dehumanizing spirit of that creates the supply & demand of human trafficking, the unfathomable vastness of space (within & without), Sherlock Holmes and the storage capacity of our minds, the choice to love each other, animal instinct and our instinct for meaning, relationship, truth & love, comfort vs. the unknown, the voice of creation, the blue of morning on my daughter’s face, my attempts to isolate truth from relationships, my wife, and my longing for home. It is accordion, acoustic guitar, banjo, boots, bottle, cajón, cello, chest, claps, classical guitar, cymbals, dayereh, electric bass, electric guitar, ebow, filing cabinet, guiro, journals, knives, mandolin, mouth, pianos, percushies, sandals, shakers, slaps, snare, suitcase, tables, tambourine, udu, ukulele, violin, vocals, etc.  2014.

Love Your Neighbor is a new musical project, started in Fall 2014. The Loves moved in next door to the Winters. Zach’s wife, Lane, had been asking for a one-take guitar album for some time. When the Loves moved in next door, we found out that Ashley had been asking the same from Adam. Our collaboration is our concession. All proceeds are donated to a charity chosen by Zach’s collaborator. Love Your Neighbor has released October, April & May, with plans for more collaborations in 2016.

They Were Longing for a Better Country is engagement, changing seasons, birth, poring over maps that don’t tell you where to go, acquiescence to love, not wanting for bread (or anything), a child leading animals, absence of friends, spreading hands, spontaneous songs, and marriage.  It is accordion, acoustic guitar, banjo, bass drum, cajón, cajón cubano, caxixi, claps, congas, cymbal swells, electric bass, electric guitar, harmonica, jingle bells, mandolin, nylon-string guitar, piano, piano beats, singing, slide guitar, smacks, snare drum, stomps, tambourine, uñas & whistling.  It was recorded with a bit fancier set-up than the previous recordings.  2011.

Companion is b-sides, instrumentals, live songs, old songs, tucked-away thoughts, meditations, grandma, Christmas and squirrels.  2011.

Dante’s Inferno EP narrates Dante Alighieri’s journey through the 9 circles of hell towards heaven, God and Beatrice, his deceased wife.  Written in “cantos”, or songs, Inferno is Dante’s most memorable portrayal of the afterlife from his epic poem la Divina Commedia (The Divine Comedy).  It is nylon-string guitar and voice.  The songs were recorded one fall afternoon with no overdubs.  2010.

Sol Invictus is early church fathers in the winter, jingle bells, Zach, Lane, Alex, and Best Song in Latin in Sufjan Steven’s Xmas Song Exchange.  2007.

My Thoughts Are Ours from Here is myrrh, packed bags, travel, prelude to engagement, the girl, lovesickness, ocean & sea, eight time zones of separation, and the romance of God.  It is nylon-string guitar, banjo, voice, acoustic guitar, mandolin, contrabass, cell phone, djembe, stick with wooden shells, shaker, video camera, aluminum bowl, electric bass, bead case & pink tie-dyed shirt.  This album was recorded with the same Mbox + sm57 combo as Intermission.  2006.

Bill’s Molehill EP is team, by the seat of your pants improvisation, exploration, paint-without-numbers, basement with roommate’s borrowed instruments, live with no setlist trio kinesis.  It is drums, saxophones, acoustic guitar & voice.  Bill’s Molehill was a collaborative project with Kevin Campbell and Justin Williams.  2005.

A Long Intermission is loneliness, love lost, myopia, buoyancy, a college dormitory, humid nights, an electric fan in the window, and springtime.  It is voice, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, upright & electric bass, cello, gourds, mandolin, banjo & sternum.  2004.