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2016 Recap…

2016, huh? It was definitely a year to remember… I remember being on the road with my family and our friends Mike & Holly, driving through the beauty of the American West, and being too busy playing shows, hiking trails and meeting new people, and too out of cell phone range to worry about some of the craziness going on. Here are some of our year’s highlights:

– Sharing the stage with heaps of amazing artists/peeps: Holly Arrowsmith, Tow’rs, Jason Upton, Amber Mattfield, Page CXVI, Sean Feucht, Stephen Roach, Josh Garrels, Abby Callaghan, A Boy & His Kite, Poie, Strahan, Evan Way, Aspen, Cedar House, Symon Hajjar, Gatlin Elms, Cari Quoyeser, Mimi Gilbert, Yoosung Buckson Lee, Paul Demer, Philip Rice, Joseph Neville, Run the Willow & Nightingale.
– Living the dream, buying a van, and touring across the Western US with my family & friends.
– Writing a bunch of new songs and starting work on a new album!
– Playing shows in these states:

– Doing production work on a small handful of projects: 2 full-length albums (one here, and one is due out later this year), and a single that will be out soon.
– Editing a book.
– And last and most excellently, having our son, Apollo Wolfgang Winters.

Looking forward to 2017!

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